The widow of Saint-Pierre - soundtrack

B.O.F. The widow of Saint-Pierre

Release : 2000
Publisher : Universal
Format : CD

  1. Generique Debut
  2. Brouillard
  3. Morue Salee
  4. Chez Chevassus
  5. Le Printemps
  6. Le Depart De La Marie-Galante
  7. La Mort De Louis-Olivier
  8. Le Demenagement Du Cafe Du Nord
  9. La Mort En Route
  10. L'emeute/Le Chemisier
  11. Galop Sur La Banquise
  12. L'hiver
  13. Sios Prudente Pauline
  14. Madame “La” Chez Neel
  15. Embarquement
  16. Ramees
  17. Un Echange De Regards
  18. Sauvez Votre Vie
  19. Les Adieux
  20. Final

Music composed by Pascal Estève.

Pascal Estève about the soundtrack : The music of The widow of Saint-Pierre is really a piece apart from the dramaturgy : I needed to enhance the confusion of the feelings to express the inexorable. The boat, the Marie-Galante, with the guillotine on board, it's the death in march. I wanted specially to avoid the trap of a beautiful romantic score, flat and clean. Copy/paste of XIXth century music was too obvious… I profered to go toward a more grating writing, full of disturbing harmonies. And to express sea, iodium, salt… Thus, the perversion of the sound for the accordion, the bandoneon, the sailor voice.

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