Time of the Gypsies - soundtrack

Release : 1990
Publisher : Phonogram
Format : LP, CD

  1. Ederlezi (Scena Durdevdana na)
  2. Scena Pojavljivanja majke
  3. Scena Perhanove pogibije soundtrack Time of the Gypsies
  4. Kustino oro
  5. Borino Oro
  6. Glavna Tema (soundtrack Kuduz)
  7. Tango (soundtrack Kuduz)
  8. Pjesma
  9. Talijanska
  10. Ederlezi

Composed & written by Goran Bregović.

The soundtrack of this film was published with the music of Kuduz by Ademir Kenović, for which Goran Bregović also wrote the music.

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Alternative versions

Soundtrack Time of the Gypsies - SP Format : SP
Country : France

Soundtrack Time of the Gypsies - LP Format : LP
Country : Yugoslavia



Sa o Roma babo, E bakren cinen. A me coro, dural besava.
A a daje, amaro dive. Amaro dive erdelezi. Ediwado babo,
amenge bakro. Sa o Roma, daje. E bakren cinen. Eeee.Sa
o Roma, babo babo, Sa o Roma daje. Sa o Roma, babo babo,
Erdelezi. Erdelezi, Sa o Roma Daje. Eeee.Sa o Roma, babo babo,
Sa o Roma daje. Sa o Roma, babo babo, Eeee..Erdelezi, Erdelezi.
Sa o Roma Daje

English translation :
All the Rroms, dad, sacrify sheeps but me, poor drummer,
I must stay away. Oh yes, mum, it's our celebration.
It's our celebration, Ederlezi… dad, a sheep for us.
All the Rroms, mum, sacriy sheeps, and all the Rroms, dad,
Dad, all the Rroms, mum. All the Rroms, dad, dad
Ederlezi, Ederlezi, all the Rroms, mum.

Ederlezi is the rrom name of the Saint Georges day.

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