Time of the Gypsies - long version


Release Date: July 2005
Publisher: Drugoe Kino (Russia)
Languages: Rromani 5.1, Russian 5.1 (voice over)
Subtitles: Russian

The long version presented by the Russian publisher Drugoe Kino (drugoe-kino.ru) is the version screened by the Sarajevo television in 5 one-hour episodes.

Each episode (except the last) ends with a mini trailer summarizing the following episode.

The long version has many additional scenes which clarify the ambiguous and complex relations between Merdzan, Perhan and Azra, which detail the adventures of Perhan in Italy, and has a different ending, which is found as a bonus in the French DVD edition.

Find below the images of the long version new scenes.

Scene # 1 - Perhan & Merdzan simulate an accident

After the credits (identical to the original version), the opening scene shows Perhan and his uncle Merdzan setting up a fake accident …

Merdzan takes Perhan to the given place. Their trick is well formatted: Perhan mounts a mirror in which Merdzan monitors the road. He fills a condom of wine that Perhan puts in his mouth. When a “foreign” car arrives in the mirror, Perhan launches a ball on the road, and pounces onto the car. After a profusion of dramas, Merdzan simulates an enormous pain. He first tries to injure the driver, then lets the neighbours drop Perhan's body into his car, and leave, ignoring the driver. He insists to pay Merdzan, and gives him a handful of banknotes. Once away, Merdzan gives his part to Perhan that he refuses.

Scene #2 - At the lime career

Immediately after the previous scene, we discover the grandmother who made a joke at Merdzan to make him climb up the hill.

Plans are beautifully filmed, with the Bosnian mountains as a backdrop.

Arrives a car with Azra, Ruza (her mother) and her younger brother, to have him by healed the grandmother. She makes her ritual, while Merdzan, Perhan Azra and watch through the window. On several occasions, Merdzan behaves rudely with Azra who does not really repels his advances.

Perhan and Merdzan eventually get into a fight because Perhan doesn't like the way his uncle behaves. The scene of the fight is very similar to the one where Axel and Paul fight with a dog in Arizona Dream.

Scene #3 - Merdzan's girlfriend

The scene where the mother of the girl who slept with Merdzan comes complaining to the grandmother is longer: Merdzan observes through the window, then comes explaining inside.

Scene #4 - honey

When Ahmed returned to the village, the first person he came to see was the grandmother. She was collecting honey.

She asked him to put on a mask to protect himself. Ahmed requests a service in exchange for which he offers American cigarettes.

The grandmother continues to make her honey without taking care of Ahmed's proposal.

Scène #5 - At the cinema

In the scene where Perhan Azra and go to the cinema, Zabit comes to sit with his violin among the spectators. He disturbs everyone to sit down, and quickly gets up and goes to the screen to comment on the erotic scene in the movie. Everybody whistles, but he continues, and then goes behind the screen.

Scene #6 - On the eve of the St. George

On the eve of St. George, a huge feast takes place at night : there are fires, acrobats and puppets who walked.

Scene #7 - Recruitements

During a wedding feast, Ahmed and his brother look for people to hire. They “buy” a dwarf, and negotiate children.

Scene #8 - Telekinesy

Before going to ask Ruza her daughter in marriage, Perhan meditates in front of a spoon …

Scene #9 - Ahmed's brothers' punitive operation

Merdzan lifted the house to find the money he owes to Ahmed's brothers. The next day, they come to claim him, and find him eating Perhan's turkey. They are angry and cut his hair as a warning.

Scene #10 - Seduction of Perhan

To convince Perhan to go with him, Ahmed shows him his “way of life”. He takes him to a beauty salon. They come back together and become friends.

Scene #11 - Night at the "hotel"

For the first night of the trip, the group stopped in an old disused grand palace.

Everyone settles as he can. Perhan visits the place and finds in a large conference room decorated with a portrait of Tito. The dwarf urinates in the pool while a first lesson in begging is given.

Irfan is already getting nervous …

Scene #12 - sequestration of the bride

On the road, the group crosses a marriage. Perhan demonstrates his gifts of telekinesis with a spoon dancing on the wall. Meanwhile, Ahmed puts coins in the pockets of assistance, and makes a magic trick of it. So forth, they manage to push the bride inside the house, where she's washed away by force.

A crazy race of the marriage participants follows (and remind Promise me this), with music, flags and guns…

Scene #13 - The magnificent Seven

At a new break, Ahmed recovers from his emotions by watching “the magnificent seven” on TV.

Scene #14 - Ljubljana

Arrival in Ljubljana (this scene introduces the scene from the original version where Perhan and Ahmed let Danira in the hospital).

Scene #15 - Crossing the border

The crossing point between Yugoslavia and Italy is a cemetery. Perhan, Ahmed and his brothers check the place while a funeral is taking place. Irfan tries to run away, but he's catched up.

To avoid that the babies cry, the driver and the dwarf put beer in their feeding-bottle. The children go through the cemetery (and thus the border) under cartons. When everyone is on the other side, Ahmed shouts and start to pray funnily ahead of Italy.

Scene #16 - Babies delivery

The babies are purchased by an Italian couple. Ahmed makes their delivery at the gate and comes back with a handful of banknotes.

Scene #17 - Arrival in Milan

In Milan, the tricks are being put in place: the brother of Ahmed goes in a bar with a hige ice and the dwarf asks for help at the newspaper stand in front.

He takes the purse of the lady who helps and forwards it from behind to his mate, escaping discreetly.

Scene #18 - Pee

At the camp, the Ahmed's son pees from the roof of the caravan on Perhan and Ahmed, in a similar shot to the dwarf in the pool.

Scene #19 - Hidden relationship

We discover in this scene (and in others of the long version) that Ahmed's wife cheats him with the driver.

The latter jokes and plays music to seduce her, but she's obliged to pay the silence of those who know …

Scene #20 - Economies

Perhan hides most of his theft in different places, like under a statue. He is entitled to a full body search to see if he hides nothing more on him …

Scene #21 - Confidence

With time, Perhan wins Ahmed's confidence.

Scene #22 - Letters

Perhan offers his services to the girls and the dwarf to write postcards or letters.

Scene #23 - The peacock

When he visits mansions, Perhan finds in the garden a beautiful peacock that he begins to hypnotize. He then starts to do the wheel, and then turns into a white female peacock.

Scene #24 - Orson Welles

During another visit, Perhan spends a lot of time in an house, which he visits from top to bottom. He passes several times in front of the poster of Orson Welles.

He even pays the luxury of using the swimming pool, whisky, clothes and the bathtub.

But at some point, he realizes that the owners returned. He takes refuge in his fur coat in a room. But unfortunately, he is followed by the couple. He hides under the bed, and suffers the sex games of the mad couple…

He comes back to the camp only in the morning, tired.

Scene #25 - Induction

After his heart attack, Ahmed decides to entrust his power to Perhan. In the evening, he organizes a ceremony of enthronement. Perhan gives Ahmed his fur coat “found” the day before, and comes in underpants. His new clothes come magically to him one after another, in a superb camera ballet done in a mastered sequence-shot.

Scene #26 - The moving boiler

The return to the village of Perhan is announced by a boiler going back the street … Alone …

Scene #27 - Fighting between Azra and Ruza

When Perhan discovers Azra is pregnant, he leaves without even she can talk to him.

Azra wakes up too late, and ask her mother what she said to Perhan. The two women fight and her father must intervene to calm them down.

Scene #28 - The hanging house

Perhan heads toward his grandmother and his uncle. Nobody answers when he knocks on the door, and Merdzan refuses to open it.

Perhan decides to raise the house in the same way Merdzan did a few months earlier. He climbs onto the roof with a rope, throws it above the electric wires and asks his driver to boot.

Note: This plan of the hanging house in broad daylight is the one that inspired the design of the cover of the Opera "Time of the Gypsies".

Surprised by the lift, Zabit who was in the toilets, fled offended, without even taking the time to raise his pants …

Perhan and Merdzan meet again. Feelings are confusing and complex. Perhan is angry against Merdzan but doesn't find the strength to fight with him.

Scene #29 - Perhan buys a child

After his marriage, while Perhan is preparing to return to Italy, he “buys” a child, before Azra.

Scene #30 - Perhan shaves

After the death of Azra, Perhan lets himself go. He gets up late, drinks a lot. Ahmed tries to put him back on the right path, asking him to start by shaving.

Scene #31 - With Perhan-junior and Danira, at the station

After finding Perhan junior, Perhan spends a moment of intimacy with his son, while Danira buys train tickets. He shows him the gold coins…

Scene #32 - Final sequence

While the “cinema” version ends with the frozen image of Merdzan running towards the sunset after the burial of Perhan, the long version continues …

Merdzan arrives in a small chapel where he finds an overthrown Christ. He sends a prayer and makes a deal with God: he turns Christ up and demands in exchange for a bit of luck in the game, and promises to take care of Perhan junior … Christ does not hold long before falling back.

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