Underground - long version


Release : 1998
Publisher : TF1 video (France)
Format : VHS (Secam)
Languages : French
Subtitles : none

The long version of Underground was broadcast in 5 episodes of one hour on Franco-German channel Arte, and then was published by TF1 video as a double-tape set, cutting the film into 2 parts of 2h45 each, the second one beginning with a long résumé of the first part.

This long version presents many new scenes in each of the three parts of the film. In the first one, for example, the next scenes detail the adventures of Blacky and Marko during the war (the attack of the train, the role of Mustafa). In the second one, they expose the “couple life” of Marko and Natalja (and also the role of Bata, Natalja's handicapped brother). In the third one, they tell more about what happened to Ivan in Berlin…

Find here in pictures, the extra scenes of the long version.

Scene #1 - Marko & Blacky give the rules

This scene anticipates a similar scene from the “normal” version. ”We've given you everything”, complains one of the guys Marko and Blacky are dealing with… before the fight bursts.

Blacky and Marko share the gains, and have fun spreading on the road some olive oil, just before a German soldiers battalion passes.

In this town, Blacky doesn't receive orders from nobody, fucking motherfucker fascists…

Scene #2 - The attack of the train

Blacky and Marko are disguised. Marko is the bride and puts his veil to hide his moustache… After having eliminated some German soldiers, Marko must have a pee. Not very natural the soldier estimates, to see pissing a bride upright. Fortunately: Blacky was not far.
Then the couple takes by storm the cabin, and threatens the driver, Mustafa, reproaching him for collaborating with the enemy. After a rapid discussion, Mustafa promises that he is “with them”, and starts the train, to stop it in the countryside, where they can discharge the weapons.
Back home, Marko finds grandpa frightening a lion with his false teeth…

Scene #3 - Inscription

Grandpa is very well organized : he notes down everything that anyone brings into the cave. Even if Vera is going to give birth, papers must be filled in.
Your Blacky, he's really someone good. He has released them all from the Banjica camp1)” ”- Yes, he's someone good, but with the other ones. Only with the other ones.

Before letting the door closed, Ivan says to his brother : ”You're a poet, Marko, and wars are not made for the poets…

Scene #4 - In the lodge

Marko and Blacky use the sewers of the city to get to the theatre. On their way, they meet their colleagues. Blacky improvises a committee meeting, and give them some reproaches : ”comrades, what have you done since 2 years, beside fucking with prostitutes, get drunk in the bars, pick people's money ?” ”-It's that… German soldiers kill 100 of our guys for one of them…

Once in the lodge, Marko knocks the other actor off, in order to stay just with Bata and Natalja. ”You're not normal !” says Natalja to Blacky when she sees them coming, just before the show.

Marko puts a fake Cyrano nose, when Blacky offers a watch with an engraved Godzilla image to Bata : ”Godzilla ! Have you ever fought against him ?” ”-Of course ! I already beat him 14 times !

Blacky gives then a wedding ring to Natalja and tells her they're going to marry tonight. Bata is happy : ”Yes ! Super ! marry uncle Blacky, he's the strongest man in the world !”. Natalja gets nervous : ”Will you please go away !

Scene #5 - Escape from the theatre

After the mess in the theatre, Marko, Blacky, Natalja and Bata run away. An extra shot in this long version shows Franz alive, surprised to realize it, feeling happily his bulletproof jacket.

On their way, Blacky asks to Natalja, still tightened in his back : ”what did you say ?” ”I didn't say anything…” ”Did you hear that, Marko, She said she loved me !

Scene #6 - Blacky & Natalja's wedding

On the boat, when the morning comes, the priest has finally arrived.

At first, he's reluctant : ”it's a sacrilege, mister Popara, to marry into a café. Only vampires, werewolves and impious get married into cafés !”. Marko tries to calm him down, and they start to drink and eat.

The priest continues to sermonize Blacky : ”Mister Popara, I believe you're a married man… But maybe you've chosen to embrace another religion allowing you to have several wives… You just had to choose an imam, it would be better.” Natalja is surprised by this news, and get angry. Again, Marko calms everyone down and explains : ”his wife died three years ago giving birth to their child…”.

But Natalja gets even more nervous : ”So you have a child ? How old is he ?”. The priest feels guilty to see them getting angry. Meanwhile, the German soldiers start to settle on the shore. Gollub panics and keeps shouting ”it's a catastrophe…”.

Marko asks the priest to hurry a little bit, but he takes his time. He starts to sing the religious rites. At the moment where they have to exchange their agreements, he's shot in the head… Natalja shouts and runs to Franz…

Scene #7 - Medicinal herbs

After having recovered Blacky from the hospital where he was tortured, and after he was injured by his grenade in the coffer, Marko asks why Ivan puts herbs on Blacky's wounds (we see a cliché from Time of the Gypsies). Ivan answers that they are medicinal herbs and that he heals his animals with them. Marko say, angry : ”But comrade Blacky is not an animal ! Aren't you ashamed ? Call grandfather, the water from the well makes miracles…

Scene #8 - Natalja and Bata

Marko asks the grandfather to get down into the cave, saying that Blacky is injured.

Natalja goes to Bata, to have him sleeping, but before, he asks his sister to tell a story. She says : ”When Blacky entered into the cave, he took his golden sword out of his sheath… A sheath covered by millions of diamonds…”. Seeing him asleep, Marko carries Bata into another room. ”I take care of him” he says. Natalja begs : ”I would kill myself if anything ever happens to him. I only have him in the world…”.
Alone at last, Marko makes his seducing face and tells : ”Everyone of us misses someone…”. He shows then the house to Natalja, and specially “her” room.

Scene #9 - Mustafa threatens Marko

Just before his speech for the celebration of Blacky's statue, Marko is taken away by Mustafa : ”We must see each other this evening…” ”Do you threaten me ?” ”Some weapons have disappeared” ”It's the last time you talk to me like this. Keep cool, Mustafa…

Scene #10 - Under the rain

Completely drunk, disgusted, desperate… before going down into the cave, Marko rolls on the ground, knocking himself against the wall…

Scene #11 - Troops review

Jovan has settled the men of the cave. Standing up in front of his father, he says : ”Comrade Popara, artillery unit ready for inspection.

One by one, Blacky gives them a head punch. The ones who fall are removed from the “army”…

Scene #12 - Marko & Ivan

When Blacky makes a gymnasium demonstration with his men, Marko talks with his brother. As he comes, he's crying, so he gets angry : ”Shall I be able, one day, to come into this cave, and not find my brother crying ?”. Ivan explains : ”It's Soni's birthday. Do you realize he never had a banana… ?

Scene #13 - The map

Blacky and Jovan talk about the wedding. Marko joins them and Jovan tells him proudly ”And after the wedding, we'll go out and fight ! Dad and me… We first set Natalja free and then we fight until the final victory…
Marko calms him down : ”You disappoint me a lot, Jovan… Look, here are some posters we can see everywhere on the walls. Comrade Blacky is looked after in the whole country. They would kill him right away…”.

Grandfather says : ”No, they won't kill him. I have a map, which comes from my father, who got it from his father. Following these tunnels, we can get up to any city in Europe…

They all look at each other, not convinced. Grandfather continues : ”Don't you believe me ? Look…”. As a demonstration, he throws some red powder into the water of the well…

Scene #14 - the bulb

Blacky gets nervous. ”My son was born into the darkness. Russians ? It's 2 centuries we're waiting for them…”. To change the subject, Marko makes a joke, and gets from his trousers an electric bulb. Blacky is fascinated : ”Shit, is it real ?” ”In glass, with two caps.” ”Who invented this ?” ”Some Slovenians…” ”By God, I'm not surprised…”.

Blacky makes a demonstration holding the bulb in one hand, and putting a finger into the electric plug. The inhabitants of the cave are fascinated.

Grandfather asks Marko what he'll do to thank the Slovenians : ”Bah, two boxes of weapons, they have deserved it…”.

Then we start to hear a Nazi propaganda speech through the loudspeaker. Everyone listens carefully : ”Achtung achtung… Moscow is fallen… After months of heroic resistance, the communist troops have surrendered…”. Blacky falls down, and it's the panic while listening to the details at the radio…

Marko leaves and say : ”I don't believe it… It must be wrong !

Scene #15 - News update : Moscow still fights...

After this terrible news, Marko gets back to the house, and runs up to the last floor. We discover it's Bata who has a real professional studio with maps, tapes, records, films… He the leader of the propaganda that is constantly broadcast into the cave. Marko is angry when he arrives, as Bata continues to give details on the final victory of the Reich. He says : ”Anything, any place… Whatever you want… But Moscow never ! Make a news update…”. Bata gets angry too : ”But what is there left to conquer ?”, showing a world map full of Nazi flags…

Later in the cave, people dance, sing and play music when they hear the news…

Scene #16 - In car to the theatre

Natalja is in a hurry. It's the first of her new play. But Bata makes a caprice. He doesn't want to sit at the back of the car. Marko gets angry. ”I want to sit in front… I want to sit in front…” ”It's forbidden by the law !”. As he tries to force him, Bata bites Marko. He returns next to Natalja who says ”do whatever you want. I can't afford to be late…”.

As Bata still shouts ”I don't want… I don't want…”, Marko gives him a red towel, links his wheelchair to the car with a rope, and drives…

Scene #17 - The theatre play

The play of Natalja is the same one as she played for the Germans during the war.

Bata asks Marko seriously : ”Marko, will Blacky come and pick my sister up like the other time ?” ”No, shut up !” ”Why are you screaming ?” he asks calmly. ”I don't scream !” says Marko getting nervous…

As Natalja goes to drink some whisky discretely behind the stage while playing, Marko observes a few seats from him a guy who looks much like Franz… Someone comes then to ask Marko to follow him. He's led to Mustafa's office. Immediately, the tone is given by Mustafa : ”So, comrade, you go to fancy parties when we are searching for the lost weapons ?”. Marko answers : ”My wife plays tonight, it's not a joke…”. One of Mustafa's agents says : ”When someone plays for the Nazis and also for us, it is a big joke…”. Marko gets really angry, pulls him by the balls and knocks his head on the toilets. He gets back to his seat calmly in front of Mustafa, and says : ”Where are the weapons ? Tito knows all about it. My role is only to send them up to the port of Bar. How they reach East and Africa ? Well, this is not my job…”. Mustafa gets nervous too : ”And where is the million marks that should have been in Sofia since two months ?

Meanwhile, the play is over and Natalja gets to the cocktail. She's introduced to the lookalike of Franz, who is consul of Austria. Bata has fun making people fall with his wheelchair. Natalja puts him away and says : ”I'm fed up with you !” He answers calmly : ”Why are you screaming ?

Marko joins them as they're dancing. He says to Natalja : ”This consul… He let grow his beard… He thinks I don't recognize him…

Scene #18 - Golub's watch #1

After having removed some hours to the clock, grandfather orders a drink at Golub's bar. But this one refuses to serve him : ”We don't serve thieves in my bar… You steal the hours, grandfather.” He replies : ”It's true that you, gypsies, you are known to be always on time…”.

A fight starts between them. Blacky arrives : ”Here, the children learn Russian. People go to the cinema and listen to the news. I'm fed up to see you playing the chiefs. Give me this watch. Do you think this shit gives the correct time ? Look what I do with it…”, he says, swallowing the watch…

Scene #19 - Bananas

When Marko is sending some bananas through the elevator, Natalja starts an erotic imitation of Brigitte Bardot in Jean-Luc Godard's film Le Mépris : ”…what about my legs… do you like my legs… ?”.

In the cave, the bananas are received with some surprise by Jovan (who has never seen any). He keeps one for him, and give the rest to Ivan : ”Gift from comrade Marko”. Marko and Natalja observe the scene : Jovan, guessing it's comestible, eats the fruit with its peel… which makes them laughing… Then he sees that Soni is quietly peeling it before eating it. Jovan thinks the monkey is certainly not that stupid…

Scene #20 - Golub's watch #2

Blacky calls his son : ”It wants to get out… Hit me !” ”Oh no, dad, please not that…” ”Not on my head, you dummy ! You are really not normal…

Jovan manages to give a good hit in Blacky's back, who manages to spit out the watch.

Scene #21 - In bed with Bata

This scene is the first one of the second part of the long version, after the résumé of the first part.

We see Bata, Natalja and Marko sleeping in the same bed, with a small blanket, and Bata who snores… Marko pulls the blanket to his side, but Natalja pulls it back to her and Bata. Marko finishes to fall from the bed, pushed by Natalja. Natalja gets up, revealing her green night mask… ”What are you doing here ?”, asks Natalja. We understand they're all in Bata's sleeping room.

Very elegantly, scratching his bottom, Marko gets up and launches the alarm with Bata's instruments…

Scene #22 - The ring & the medal

This scene opens with Blacky trying to milk a goat. Apparently, she doesn't want. He says : ”be nice, it's for Jelena…”. Blacky asks then Jovan to call a musician. Hearing the sound of the violin, the goat starts to give some milk. Blacky brings it to Jelena, lying on a bed, ill. We understand she's had a miscarriage : ”Stop crying. We'll cry after the war…”.
To raise their moral, Blacky gives Jovan a ring. He makes a little magic trick (telekinesis) making it moving in his hand. Jovan recovers his smile.
Blacky goes away. ”All this is my fault…” he says, knocking his head on one of the cave's pillars. He knocks harder and harder, and the vibrations go up to the surface, where we see Marko on who a small cat fall from a tree.
Natalja arrives to him in a hurry and says, in panic : ”Marko, he's going out ! He has settled his men. What do we do ?”.
Supervising the loading of weapon boxes, Marko improvises : ”Write him a letter… Tell him that you love him… And bring me my war medal !
We then see that indeed, Jovan is checking the troops, and says to Blacky : ”All the explosives have been installed at the gate. We just wait for your orders.” At this moment arrives Marko, some explosives in his hand. He throws it to Jovan and says : ”You disappoint me, Jovan… You disappoint me a lot…”.
He then goes to Blacky, to give him his medal. Blacky pins it on his nude torso when Marko reads the official letter that comes along the medal. Everybody - and Blacky first - is impressed by the solemnity of the letter, which praises the courage and the abnegation of Blacky, and most of all, the importance of their contribution to the resistance thanks to the weapon factory…
Then Blacky and Marko move away from the others, and Marko gives Blacky Natalja's letter. It says : ”Don't come to free me, I'm coming…”. Blacky is surrounded by emotion : ”So much pain… it's not human…” Marko philosophies : ”you know, I think we all live in someone else's nightmare…”. Natalja observes the scene from the house, and cries too…

Scene #23 - Mustafa's death

When Marko is finishing a weapon delivery deal (”Here are your 50.000 marks” ”My greetings to everyone in Berlin. And tell Hans-Dietrich Genscher2) that Tito likes him a lot…”), Mustafa arrives with two acolytes.

What am I supposed to tell to Tito ? Where are the weapons ? You use the underground paths to delivery the weapons to the West… How can I believe you… ?” Marko isn't impressed : ”I think the time has come for a private conversation.” Mustafa and Marko lock themselves into the truck's cabin, away from the others' ears. Marko asks him : ”How much do you want to believe me ?” ”20% per truck” ”It's too much ! 15%…” The deal is closed. Mustafa gets back to the car and says to his acolytes : ”as soon as he gets out, you kill him.” Marko asks to the driver : ”do you still have your Kalachnikov ?” Discretely, he gets out under the truck, and raises his weapon firing blindly in the car. He finishes the work standing up…

The next shot shows Marko checking three barrels with the heads of Mustafa and his acolytes. He drops some fuel on them and puts fire, listening to music and singing… ”15% ! Are you crazy ?

The sequence ends with Blacky performing a speech in the cave. Everyone is reunited listening sadly : ”They have given their blood for the country, for comrade Tito and the party… Many others will die, like Mustafa, Jenez and Tomislav…” Jovan holds the three funerary urns, but surprised by the music and the gunshots, drops them all on the dusty ground of the cave. Confused, under the exasperated gaze of his father, he gathers as he can and refills the urns, before disposing them in a cell.

Scene #24 - Champagne

Marko and Natalja eat and drink Champagne. Marko tells a joke with Tito, Kennedy and Brejnev. Natalja smiles politely and drinks. Marko gets serious back : ”Natalja, please, stop drinking. I want a child.” ”Yes… We have time… We have a lot of time in front of us…

Scene #25 - Blacky & Rose

Marko observes Blacky who observes the people in the cave. From his tub, Blacky uses his rifle's view to admire the anatomy of the cave's girls. He has a sort of mechanism that allows his to “ring” the girls he likes. He calls Rose, and asks Jovan to leave him alone. Rose, happy to be chosen, plays an erotic game with Blacky. She hides into the cupboard and Blacky joins her there… The cupboard soon falls on the guards of Blacky's lodge…

Scene #26 - Bata's death

When people from the cave proceed with a weapon delivery, Natalja leaves Marko deal with it. Passing by his bedroom, Bata calls her. Natalja reminds him he must take his pills. ”Not now… Please, tell me first a story…” ”I'm going to tell you Alice…” ”You know I've already been there… in Wonderland… did you know ? This night, mum brought me there…” ”Mum ? Our mother ?” asks Natalja on the verge of crying. ”We went to a wedding. I had a lot of fun. I danced the whole day. I also saw our father. And grandmother Julka. They were all there. They asked me to tell you hello. And that you shouldn't cry when I'll leave… You already cry… Do you love me ?” ”More than anything in the world…” ”I'll be happy, there, with them…” says Bata again, before closing his eyes. The walls behind the bed start to turn around, and go faster and faster, and Natalja realizes her brother's dead. Outside, the dog barks in the snow…

Scene #27 - Natalja's role

This scene continues the one in the original version where Natalja complains about the text Marko has written for her “role” at Jovan's wedding.

The discussion is getting worse. Natalja complains about the lack of truth, even if : ”you know the whores so well, you son of a bitch…” Marko answers, full of contempt : ”don't you want to play what you are ?” ”If only you knew how much I hate you…” ”Tonight, I'm going to kill you” he says, when we don't know if they fight, if they try to escape or to excite each other… They get closer and closer, but Natalja escapes, and Marko runs after her, half naked, reaches her, and take her even more violently. Putting a lamp on her face, he shouts : ”Have you learnt your part ? Who were you bringing the weapons to… ? Will you talk ?” Then, still taking her, he says : ”I'm going to kill you, little communist whore…” Natalja answers with the same hate : ”You fucking fascist…” The love & hate run goes up until the last floor into the pigeon-house, where the birds flap their wings and reinforce the craziness of their love play.

Once calmed down, Natalja puts her “disguise”, and Marko asks her : ”so, do you believe in it, now, or do I have to start the questioning again ?

Humiliated, resigned, Natalja gets down into the cave, and bends on the verge of the well. Nobody - except the monkey - has seen her yet, and she notices she still has her wedding ring. She removes it quickly and drops it into the well…

Scene #28 - The woman of the well

Jovan warns his father, who was sleeping, that there's an unknown woman close to the well. Blacky answers, in a bad mood : ”Well… take her papers, and throw her into the jail.” ”OK… but what do I do with the woman ?” asks Jovan. Blacky sighs : ”Ah my son…” touching his sex. Jovan laughs like a kid. They both get up, and suddenly, the floor crashes under their feet, and they fall into the pigs' paddock. ”there is something rotten here…” ”The planks, daddy, the planks…

But Blacky doesn't listen to him, because he has recognized Natalja…

Scene #29 - Natalja shaves Blacky

When Marko is watching the wedding's preparation, he sees Natalja shaving Blacky. Blacky tells her he wants to marry her. ”You fool…” she says.

Jovan comes with a baby pig in his hand. ”Come on. Let me introduce you. She's going to be your mother.” says Blacky. Natalja and Jovan shake their hands, embarrassed. ”How is Bata ?” asks Blacky. ”You ignore absolutely all what is happening up there…” says Natalja, depressed. Throwing an eye to the survey system behind which she knows Marko sees and ears everything, she continues : ”I'm going to tell you the truth, so that I'll be able to die in peace.” ”I already know everything ! Calm down… I know it's much worse than what comrade Marko tells us… And I know I would have done the same, at his place… He wants to spare us sadness… I know…

Jovan comes back with a bigger pig, then once again, with an even bigger one. Blacky gets angry : ”Is that me who is crazy, or is that you who is idiot ? Kill them all !”. At this moment, the floor cracks again, and they fall again into the pigs. ”It's a sabotage !” ”No, daddy, it's the planks…

Scene #30 - Blacky's statue

The long wedding scene is identical in both versions. When Blacky and Jovan escape, they pass under the statue which was erected in his honour by Marko. Jovan recognizes his father : ”Look daddy, it's you !” ”You're turning me nuts…”.
Hidden behind the statue, they observe the actors disguised into German soldiers. ”Listen how they're kidding comrade Tito…” ”Have they learnt our language ?” ”Of course !

Scene #31 - Jovan & Blacky take the motor

Jovan is terribly scary to hit the property man who's painting the motor in green. He almost manages it but fires his hand grenade. Blacky comes, switches the grenade off, removes the man, and takes the motor. ”Me, completely…” he says, before starting the engine.

Daddy, we're going straight into the river…” And indeed, Jovan was right…

Scene #32 - Ivan passes the Austrian customs

The truck that took Ivan stops at the customs, in the underground. The officer who checks the truck, looks strangely like Franz…

The truck driver negotiates and pays a bakchich to the officer in order to pass. The officer makes fun of Ivan who always keeps his hands up, believing he's threatened by a German soldier…

Scene #33 - Ivan & the cat

Wandering in the underground, Ivan finds a baby cat. He also finds a ladder leading up to the ground. We understand he's in Berlin, in front of the Parliament. He pulls the cat first, and then gets out of the underground. As soon as he's walked a few steps, a police car stops him. He's violently arrested.

Scene #34 - Blacky's arrest

When Blacky is looking for his son, drowned, the helicopter on which he had shot, lands and carries its soldiers out. They soon find Blacky trying to escape from a fishing net. Without picking out of it, the helicopter lifts him in his net over the river.

We see him then driven by force into an hospital where the film shooting continues. the red motor scene is screened for the actors, and someone says ”they've caught the mad who has shot on our comrades !”. They all run to watch him and to insult him. The actor who is playing Blacky can't believe his eyes…

Scene #35 - Ivan, a medical case

Ivan is exhibited to German students as ”a typical post-war neurotic…” He's compared to Japanese patients who have the same symptoms. After having talked of his behaviour, the professor explains : ”I have the pleasure today to demonstrate that this phenomenon is not linked to a specific genetic or cultural origin. This man comes from the Balkans.” Trying to put his arms along his body, the professor gives up, because Ivan always puts them up again. Still, he continues his demonstration : ”Look at his eyes, how they are deep into their orbits. This is fear. The ancestral fear of the real and imaginary forces. This doubt, this fear of the unknown, is not only his own fear, it's also the fear of his grandfather and of all his ancestors. It's the fear of a thousand years war !” he says, almost shouting at the end…

Scene #36 - Ivan back in Belgrade

Back in Belgrade, Ivan can't believe his eyes… He observes and listens. The weapon dealer explains : ”…no, not in Slovenia, in Slavonia !”.

Ivan recognizes Marko, listens to his negotiations, hidden. Natalja joins Marko and says : ”There's a crazy guy who shoots on everybody… We should run away…” ”So, let's go away. Start the engine, I'm coming.”.

On the next shot, we see that the “crazy guy” is Blacky as a war leader, followed by a colourful troop of armed men and musicians, with loud music.

1) Banjica is a city in Serbia. During the Second World War, a Camp was settled there by the Nazis (SS). The prisoners were placed under the oustachis' control
2) Hans-Dietrich Genscher is a German politician. He was federal minister of Security (1969–1974), then federal minister of the Foreign diplomacy and Vice-chancellor (1974–1992) of the Federal Republic.
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