Unza Unza Time

Release : 2000
Publisher : Barclay (Universal)
Format : CD

  1. Unza unza time
  2. Djindji rindji bubamara
  3. Lubenica
  4. Prnavor
  5. Pitbull terrier
  6. Was romeo really a jerk
  7. Drang nach osten
  8. Corfu
  9. Upside down
  10. Sanela
  11. Devil in the business class
  12. Grus gott trauer
  13. Emir's dream
  14. Imao Sam bjelog konja
  15. Some other man
  16. Furja djildje

First studio album since the reformation of the No Smoking Orchestra, this album takes some of the titles of the Black Cat White Cat soundtrack, with different versions. It's almost the soundtrack of Super 8 Stories, documentary on the 1999-2000 tour of the groupe.

Note : the cover of the album is a painting of Vojo Stanić, painter from Herceg Novi.

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Imao sam belog konja

Imao sam Bože, belog konja,
Sedlo od kože
Imao je pegu medju očima

Imao je krila
Krila i motore
Grabio je reke, grabio je gore

Umorio se jadan
Manje sit više gladan
Stigle su ga godine

Ne čuje se Bože kopita zvon
Nije više aeroplan
sad je samo konj

Sjećam ga se Bože
Letili smo skupa
On je imo krila
Ja sam imo druga

Sjećam ga se Bože
Letili smo skupa
Od žene do žene
Od skuta do skuta

Volim Bože konja
A volim i franke
Moj ti konjo star
Ne vredi žute banke

Pričao mi deda
Daš mu malo vina
I konj nije truba
Već je violina

Postane oluja
Kao ždrebac mladi
Al moraš ga prodat
Dok još vino radi

Dao sam ga Bože
Gospodinu s repom

Za tri iljade franki il
Iljadu marki

Sjećam, ga se Bože
letili smo skupa
On je imo krila
A ja imo druga

Sjećam ga se Bože
Letili smo skupa
Sada imam pare
Ali nemam druga


Kuda idu brodovi Sanela
kuda plove naše sudbine
Imal tamo ljubavi sanela
imal sreće kuda ideš ti

Zašto kradeš naše snove Sanela
zašto kradeš uspomene
Tudja ruka tebe vodi Sanela
tudjin pita samo pošto si?

Fifteen dollars
fiftteen dollars
fifteen dollar Honey


Arahlem la pi ulica cindem lace lubenica
aj lamda lamdala cindemlace sandala

Aj lamda lamdala cindem lace sandala
aj landa landala cindem lace sandala

Arahlem la ande mala cindem lace duj sandala
aj landa landala cindem lace sandala

Aj, landa landala….

Arahlem la na pijaco cindem lace sukar lanco
aj landa landala cindemlace sandala

aj landa landala

Pit Bull Terrier

I'm Willful and I'm skillful
I'm d d d delightful
And I find myself mixed
Between beauty and the beast

Kill them quick is my motto
Then police take a photo
Then police take a photo
On a sunny side of street

The wolf I like the most
He refused to be a dog
He refused to be a dog
Just like Lesi was

Just show me a bloke
And in seconds I 'll choke
In second like tomato
Like tomato I'll squeeze

I'm hit and I'm fit
And I never never quit
When I bleed I bleed
Like James Cagny on the screen

I shit and I spit
And I don't care a bit
I am proud and I happy
Cos I am not a human been

I never feel sadness
I never feel pain
With my cunning and with my stealth
I don't need a brain

Unza Unza Time

In the beginning at the boring time
back in 1999
The man killed the line
between punishment and the crime

On the planet Earth
there was no more fun
no sex no drugs no rock'n'roll
all music turned to a fashion show

White man had British pop
and black man had soul
But no, not a drop of a blood
'cause video killed the rock'n'roll

and God said “Oh my God!”
What's happened to the human being
What's happened to my lovely creatures
They all become a cold machine
No more love no more power
Machine without gasoline
Wake up Wake up crowd
Wake up from your boring dream

There is lighting
there is thunder
What's up with you I wonder
Lift your shoulders
stamp your feet
produce the extra protein
I'm gonna hit you hit you hit you hit you
hit you with my rythm stick
So let there be light
Let there be sound
let there be a music divine
It's Unza Unza Unza Unza time

Upside down

Life is just a simple game
Between up and down
Life is just a simple game
Makes things go around

What is down should go up
What is up must go down
God first showed us the endless sky
Then the underground

What is up and what is down
Who will buy and who will sell
Heaven sometimes covers us
But sometimes it is hell

The head is up and ass is down
Is it right or is it wrong
Sometimes It should go around
Ass instead of head

The ass is up and head is down
The same flash same sound
God first show us the endless sky
Then the underground

Gruess Got trauer

Mein Leben ist romanzenvoll
Immer gleiches Bild um acht
Bayrische Motorwerke
Im bayrische Nacht

Kellner bitte ein schnapss
Und zwei Bier noch einmal
Kellner bitte eine Grosses
Im Ausleander bal

Die Trauer nennen Leute mich
Ah froundlos bin jetzt ich
Mich hat kalte Nachte gebracht
Ale Schnee fiel vor Weihnacht


Hier bin ich ganz ohne Meine
Mutter sagte Suh dir deine
Bei BMW Gesichter weiss
Schon lang fuehl ich mich wie ein Greiss

Wie Schaffe gehen wir Schaffen zum
Auf Essen warte wir wie dumm
Leben leauft auf sicheren Gleisen
Freunde gibt es zu viel Preisen

Eine Bier Ein Schnapss
Danke schoen

Ich trinke trinke trinke viel
Ich trinke trinke trinke mag
Gruess Gott trauer
trauer tag Montag

Mein leben….


Drang nah osten

Drang nah osten
Im folksvagen
Drang nah osten
Ueber den flus
Drang nah osten
Libe kinder
Oh das schpil hat
Kajnen schlus

Ajnc und cvaj und
Fluhtet kindern
Hekse komt
Jsct los

Ahtun dihtung
Ahtung iberlauf

Was Romeo really a Jerk

No greater love Romeo and Juliet
But Shakespeare died and years passed by
Juliet knows everything about Romeo
Except why he tells her no at night

You know that beggars should not be choosers
Romeo's job has no social term
Jerking off is made for the losers
Instead of wit he sells his sperm

And every day just a same
Romeo's shame in black suitcase
and every day…

Romeo is a poor refugee
he's just another one to bite the dust
Juliet measures time by diamonds on her watch
They come together by the force of lust

And every day just a same
Romeo's shame in black suitcase
And every day…

I'm not Romeo
Maybe you are Juliet
but I'm not Romeo

Why do you wake up in sweat dear Romeo
Why does you face turn away from me
What is the pain that you are going trought
What is the secret that I cannot see

Oh I was dreaming I jumped by parashout
And I went down down since my birth
But at the moment I was ready for lending
Oh my God I missed planet Earth

The devil in the business class

Welcome abord dear passingers
This is your devil speaking
The emergency exit is on your right
Don't forget this is a no smoking flight

For all the shit you've done in history
I'm the one always to be blamed
For all your mistakes that you cannot named
The devil is guilty, the devil again

The time has come for you to know
I am victim of propaganda war

We are cruising at 20000 feet
Imagine how it must be cold
You can see an old person on the clouds
That person, that is God

He has hard hard time dealing with you all
It hidh tine now for new standards to be set
I can help you with a friendly advice
Let's sign peace agreement, wouldn't it be nice?

The time…

I'm talking to you in the business class
You are the ones who can understand
You have the power, you have the means
Sponsor my action if you please

The time has come….

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