Viaggio Segreto

Director Roberto Andò
Release 2006 (Italy), march 2007 (France)
Original language Italian
Music Marco Betta


A man, aged of 40, psychanalyst, passes his days helping the others to heal their pains. But after the failure of his wedding, he has also to make his own introspection, to hope for a reconstruction.

His sister, just before her wedding, also has a deep crisis. It looks like a past tragedy divides this sicilian family… It will reappear, when the psychanalist will buy the family house.


The film is freely based on the homonym book of English writer Josephine Hart.


  • Alessio Boni …. Leo Ferri
  • Donatella Finocchiaro …. Anna Olivieri
  • Claudia Gerini …. Adele
  • Emir Kusturica …. Harold
  • Valeria Solarino


CountryFormataudio languagessubtitle languages Buy online Description
Italy DVD Z2 PAL Italian 5.1 Italian trailer, making-of, interview


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