Weddings overflow of heat and festivity. They are often contrasting between an excessive demonstration of joy, and a subjacent misfortune, passed or to come.

When father was away on business
The wedding of the Meša's brother-in-law is the occasion to join together the family at the end of film… But the tears are erased only seemingly.
Time of the Gypsies
The wedding of Pehran, with on-air comments at the microphone ! The bride is pregnant… But Pehran is persuaded that the baby is not his. During the ceremony, Pehran will negotiate the trade of the son of his wife.
The film is rhythmed by the weddings : it starts with a wedding where the bride reproaches her drunk husband of having ”spoiled her life”. It finds its apogee with the wedding of Perhan and Azra. It finishes with the wedding of Ahmed. When the new wife comes to avenge her husband, she reproaches Perhan of having ”spoiled her life”. The circle is closed.

Arizona Dream
The wedding of Leo, Axel's uncle, is not yet ready… His future wife has almost the age of Axel : ”You will not be obliged to call me aunt”, she says before starting to cry… Axel has mixed feelings regarding his uncle: ”He reminded me of the smell of car dealers' cheap Cologne ; he always looked like a 10-year-old boy whose sleeves were too long”.

In the final (deleted) scene, Axel gets married with Millie !
The wedding of Jovan, Blacky's son is the occasion for reconciliations… The party is held under the cellar and at the end of the film one finds the characters (however all deceased) outside, on a piece of ground which separates from the land…
Black Cat, White Cat
We were attending a forced wedding… We finish with two happy agreeing weddings !
Life is a miracle
If you look carefully, there is a wedding in this film : it's in the railway model built by Luka…
Promise me this
The first image of the film given by the distributor… was one of a wedding !
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