Our Life

Words with Gods

Director Emir Kusturica
Script Dunja Kusturica
Release 201?


The film shows how, after his day in the monastery, an orthodox monk fills two bags of rocks, ritually climbs a hill while rocks fall and hurt him. At the top, he cries, empties his bags and gets down.



Tvrdoš monastery, near TrebinjeThis short film is a part of a project called “Words with Gods”, composed of 10 short films on the major religions in the world. The other directors are : Jose Padilha (Brazil), Warwick Thornton (Australia), Bahman Ghobadi (Iran), Mira Nair (India), Hideo Nakata (Japan) and Guillermo Arriaga (Mexico).

This whole film, is itself a part of a wider and ambitious project headed by Guillermo Arriaga, called “Heartbeat of the World”, containing four parts, the first one being on religion, the second one on sexual identity (Encounters), the third one on politics (Polis) and the last one on drugs addiction (Into the Bloodstream).

From 1 to 7 october took place the shooting of the short film : Emir Kusturica cae to the region of Trebinje (Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina) to direct it.

Moreover, it seems that Emir Kusturica particularly liked the region of Trebinje since he thinks of investing yhere. However little details emerged on this aspects (source : novosti.rs)

Toward a full length movie

In an interview of June 2012, Emir Kusturica declared he was going to shoot a film based on his short film “Our Life”.

Shooting will begin at 15. Septembre in Trebinje and will end till 15. December. Lead roles will be played by Sloboda Mićalović and myself.

(source : serbian.cri.cn)

More information was found on this topic after a concert given in St Petersburg, in september 2012 : the film would already be in progress and the working title would be “Love and War”. The film would be in three-parts and Emir Kusturica confirmed he would be the leading role. Stribor Kusturica would compose the music.

(source : sptimes.ru)

Then the project did actually lead to the full length movie ”On the Milky Road”.


Emir Kusturica's short films

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