Zoran Simjanović

Zoran Simjanović was born in Belgrade in May 1946. At the age of six he learned the piano, then went to the Mokranjac music school and then to the Belgrade music academy. Since 1961 he founded and played in some of the most popular rock'n'roll groups in Yugoslavia and abroad. He also wrote songs for his friends who won prizes in festivals, although he finally never had a great interest for pop music in general.

Since 1975, he writes sountracks for the cinema, television and theatre, in Yugoslavia and abroad. He is currently teacher in the faculty of scenic arts and the faculty of art of music of Belgrade.

He wrote the music for no less than 55 films, including a large amount for television

His collaborations with Emir Kusturica :


At the music, costumes and setting festival of Mladenovac, he won the prize for the soundtrack of When father was away on business in 1985. He was also rewarded for the music of Tito and me by Goran Marković in 1992.


Slike iz Sarajeva koje sam voleo

A compilation of Zoran Simjanović's music on the theme of Sarajevo was published in 1990 by Biveco (Ljublijana). It contains, among others, the following titles :

  • Nevjeste Dolaze
  • Bife “Titanik”
  • Sjećaš li se Doli Bel
  • Sjećaš li se Doli Bel - Smrt Oca
  • Otac na službenom putu

Jedna tema, jedan film

This compilation contains 3 CDs, and presents the main title of the soundtrack of each one of the films Zoran Simjanović has worked on.

We find the theme of Do you remember Dolly Bell ? and When father was away on business, but also Cabaret Balkans and Tito and me.

Note : these compilations are sold out.

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